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Chris Stockdale / 2nd August 2022

Digital Season Cards

Digital Season Cards

NFC enabled for the new season

Season Ticket holders will be able to gain entry to home games at Blackwell Meadows with their digital season card again for the 22/23 season. Last season we rolled out digital season cards which included a barcode for scanning. For the 22/23 campaign season ticket holders passes have been upgraded to make it more convenient, quicker and safer for supporters to access Blackwell Meadows.

The Wallet app on iPhone and Apple Watch allows customers to organise credentials like payment cards and season tickets. When supporters have their Darlington FC digital season ticket stored in their Apple Wallet then using near-field communication (NFC), customers can simply “tap” their iPhone or Apple Watch on our turnstile access readers to enter Blackwell Meadows.

Digital season passes are more convenient because you don’t need to remember your season card when you head out to the match, it’s quicker because you'll just have to tap a Lock Screen notification your iPhone as you approach the turnstiles and it’s safer because people can’t copy your season card. Season cards are always kept up to date automatically and its also better for the environment as we look to reduce the number of plastic season cards we print each season.

Android users can also take advantage, with their digital season card stored in their Google Wallet app. Fans without access to a smart phone or who currently hold a valid plastic season card can continue to use their traditional season card.

If you are a season ticket holder you can download your digital season pass now by logging into your YouClub account. Once logged in on Your Dashboard click the Request Digital Pass link. We’ll send you an email to your registered email address to install your pass.

We have a full guide on how to install your digital pass & use it on the turnstiles – go to our Ticketing FAQ page for full information. A full guide for Apple device users can be found by clicking here.

Your digital pass will only need to be downloaded once and can be used in place of the existing season ticket card for all home league games. Fans can still use their traditional season card if they prefer.

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