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Ray Simpson / 1st March 2019

Early Bird season ticket prices frozen

Early Bird season ticket prices frozen

Buy your Early Bird season ticket by 6th April

Darlington FC has announced a price freeze on ALL Early Bird Season Tickets for the 2019/20 season.

The freeze reinforces the club’s commitment to ensuring football at Blackwell Meadows remains affordable for fans of all ages.

The freeze means that for the 2019/20 campaign, Adult Early Bird Season Tickets will again start from just £221, with concessions for Senior* fans, aged 63 and over, remaining at only £161 for a standing ticket. In recent seasons the Club has been committed to keeping prices low for our younger supporters and is continuing to offer free entry to Under 11s. This year we’ve also expanded our Junior* category by one year to fans aged 11 to 17 and introduced a new Young Adults* category, for all our fans aged 18 to 21. For 2019/20, all standing Young Adults* will pay £161, which equates to less than £8 per game.

Juniors* (aged 11-17) will continue to pay the equivalent of less than £3 per game with all Standing Season Tickets £60. And for Children* (Under-11), the price remains free for a standing season ticket.


All seated season tickets are subject to a surcharge of £40 for adults and non-junior concessions, Juniors and U11s pay £20.

Darlington Chief Executive, David Johnston said: “As a supporter-owned club the revenue we generate from Early Bird season ticket sales, together with the Boost The Budget commitments are significant indicators in setting our budget for next season. We have frozen prices this year and introduced a new young adult category as we seek to continue offer good value to our core supporters.”

Early Bird Season Ticket purchasers have a number of payment options to choose from. With BACS, cheque, online payment by debit and credit card all accepted plus payment in person at Quaker Retail if you prefer.

Chris Stockdale, DFCSG Chair, said: “As well as looking carefully at pricing to ensure we continue to offer good value to our fans, we were also keen to offer improved value to our young supporters so we have introduced an additional Young Adult category for the 2019/20 season and expanded the qualifying age for our Junior supporters.”

You can buy your Early Bird Season Ticket 2019/20 online from 8am on Friday 1st March and have until Saturday 6th April to lock in our best value price before we revert to standard season ticket pricing.

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*Season Ticket age categories
Children aged under 11 on or before 1st September 2019 will be eligible for ‘Children’ under 11s Season Tickets
Young people aged 11 to 17 on or before 1st September 2019 will be eligible for ‘Junior’ Season Tickets
Young Adults aged between 18 to 21 on 1st September 2019 will be eligible for ‘Young Adult 18-21’ Season Tickets
Adults aged 63 and over on 1st September 2019 will be eligible for ‘Seniors’ Season Tickets

Students with a valid NUS card, Disabled & Forces will be eligible for ‘Concession’ Season Tickets

Highlights of the 2019/20 offer

ALL Early Bird Season Ticket prices frozen
Lowest prices guaranteed by purchasing on or before 6th April
Adult Early Bird Season Ticket from £221
Senior Early Bird Standing Season Ticket priced at £161

Young Adult category introduced (18 to 21)

Expanded Junior category (11 to 17)

Junior prices (11 to 17) frozen at £60 – less than £3 per game
Under-11s Standing Season Tickets FREE


Key Dates


2019/20 Early Bird Season Tickets available from 1st March

Sales period closes at midnight on 6th April