Ray Simpson / 17th September 2019

Spotlight on our sponsors

Spotlight on our sponsors

Simon Leadbetter from the Mowden on why he sponsors the club

Simon Leadbetter of the Mowden (right) with Darlington FC Commercial Director Craig Morley



In this new series, our sponsors tell us why they back Darlington Football Club.

To kick off the series, Simon Leadbetter, who owns the Mowden in Staindrop Road in Darlington with his wife Rachel, tells us why he enjoys sponsoring the club.


“I have supported DFC from the age of around 12, be that by attending games whilst living at home or following my team closely  whilst working away in the catering industry .

“Now that my wife and I run our own business in the town, it felt only right to not only support my team by cheering from the Tin Shed but also be in the position where we can be involved in some small way, by advertising within the club, hopefully going some way to cement the idea of a real community football club.

“As well as this we are more than happy to offer a discount within our establishment to other DFC fans and supporters club members.

“To be involved with the future success of my team is something we are very proud to be a part of.”



The Mowden
Staindrop Road