Ray Simpson / 12th February 2020

Keep warm at Saturday's match!

Keep warm at Saturday's match!

Buy some gloves and a scarf

There might be a bit of a cold breeze for Saturday's home game against Leamington, so why not wrap up warm with a pair of gloves, a hat and a scarf?

Gloves Our gloves are black with the Darlington badge on the back of each glove. They are compatible with touch screen devices and come in S/M and L/XL and are priced at £11.

Hats and Scarves If you want a beanie or a bobble hat then they are £9. We also have scarves to match for £9 to keep you warm and snug on these cold winter's days.



Quaker Retail is open every weekday between 10am and 1pm in the Dolphin Centre, and in the unit at Blackwell Meadows before the game.