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Ray Simpson / 10th July 2021

Steve's Quintessential Quaker Quiz -- Cryptic Quakers

Steve's Quintessential Quaker Quiz -- Cryptic Quakers

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And now for something completely different! Here are some cryptic clues to former Quakers

who all played for Darlington in the promotion teams of 66, 85, 90 & 91 or were in teams which reached the Play-Offs. Who are they? (Decades in brackets) (Answers tomorrow)


FIRST HALF (All players)

  1. Not as pretty as “New Avenger” Miss Lumley but useful in most positions on the pitch. (00s)
  2. Bambi to some, soup to others? (00s)
  3. This player popped out as the champagne flowed on our return to the Football League. (90s)
  4. A legendary Darlo goalie or just a small town in Northumberland? (90s)
  5. Not a ‘stuffy’ player this one, but an excellent goalscorer! (80s)
  6. A Scots winger infamous for kicking the ball over the Tin Shed directly from a penalty kick. (60s)
  7. A not so ‘old’ former Arsenal player who made four appearances for us at centre back. (80s)
  8. In literature he ‘asked for more’, perhaps he was only taking the micky? (00s)
  9. This ‘culinary’ midfielder also lent his name to the club cat at Feethams at the time. (80s & 90s)
  10. This popular forward would have been useful when decorating the house. (90s)
  11. Put a rodent before a seaside incline and you get a left-winger signed from the Boro. (60s)


SECOND HALF (All players)

  1. Go down on one knee before this Colorado ski resort. (00s)
  2. Signing this stalwart defender from York, his surname suggests the sound of a steam train which does not sound well at all. (00s)
  1. ‘Worth’ his weight in gold to Darlo one sunny day in Kent - also an outer garment. (90s)
  2. Maybe from Aberdeen, a ‘bull’ of a centre half whose surname is also a Christian name. (80s)
  3. After 26 years, this speedy winger’s Anfield record was beaten by Wolves player, Stephen Ward,  (90s)
  1. This Michael was not related to Del Boy, but he did go with Brian Little to Leicester (90s)
  2. This keeper was a ‘cut above the rest’ at the time and swapped the Quakers for the Toffees. (80s)
  3. An aid to help you climb the stairs perhaps? (90s)
  4. The form of this forward persuaded the Lions of London to sign him in 1967.(60s)
  5. Not up to the standard of Malcolm but far superior to Corrie’s Steve or Andy! (80s)
  6. Jaguars, Minis, Escorts, Capris, VW Beetles, Clios and so on …….. (90s)