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Ray Simpson / 24th July 2021

Steve's Quintessential Quaker Quiz -- Extra Part 2

Steve's Quintessential Quaker Quiz -- Extra Part 2

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Steve sets us another of his clever quizzes -- answers tomorrow:

General Knowledge

  1. Which species of parrot (deceased) appeared in the famous Monty Python sketch?
  2. In betting terms, how much is a ‘monkey’?
  3. What is the capital city of Bulgaria?
  4. In which county is the town of Burton situated?
  5. Which TWO dances are used in the phonetic alphabet?
  6. Leeds, Bradford, York & Sheffield – name Yorkshire’s other TWO cities (post 1974).
  7. Which pastime, very popular in recent years, translates as ‘to study the numbers alone’?
  8. Who was Superman’s arch enemy?


General Sport


  1. In which sport would you use the terms ‘brassie, spoon & jigger’?
  2. In 1977, Charlotte Brew was the first woman to do what?
  3. Which ex-jockey was also the chairman of Swindon Town FC from 2001 until 2007?
  4. Which former world boxing champion has five sons, all called George?
  5. Which rugby union team plays in light blue, magenta, chocolate, French grey, black and green?
  6. At which game was Omar Sharif once world champion?
  7. Who might use an ‘Acme Thunderer’?
  8. Which national rugby union team is nicknamed the ‘Cherry Blossoms’?




  1. What is the name of Burton Albion’s home ground?
  2. What is their nickname?
  3. Who was the first player sent off whilst playing for England?
  4. What nationality is former President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter?
  5. Which football ground (i.e.Premiership & Football League) is situated highest above sea level?
  6. At which British football club was Alex Ferguson’s first managerial post?

7  In which German city would the local derby match be ‘1860’ versus ‘Unterhaching’?

  1. Which country won the 1982 World Cup held in Spain?