Darlington Football Club

Ray Simpson / 20th November 2023

Thanks to Tuesday's match sponsors, Kick It Out

Thanks to Tuesday's match sponsors, Kick It Out

Anti-racism campaign partners the Quakers

We would like to thank Kick It Out for being the sponsors of our home game against Warrington on Tuesday evening.

Darlington FC and Kick It Out have been working with each other for nearly a year, as the club reinforces its position against discrimination of any type.

We will not tolerate or condone racist, misogynist, sexist or any other form of discriminatory behaviour whether physical or verbal. The club will work to ensure that such behaviour is met with appropriate action in whatever context it occurs.

We are sure that all of our fair-minded supporters will agree with our statement, as we are trying to build a club that can proudly stand at the heart of our community. Incidents like the one last season at Scarborough which detracted from a great win on the field, do not help the great reputation which we have painstakingly built as a fan-owned club over the last eleven years.

Discriminatory behaviour, unfortunately, is common in everyday life, but Darlington FC is absolutely determined that it will not be heard or seen at any of our matches whether it is directed at another spectator, player, volunteer, employee or match official.

Kick It Out have done presentations with DFC club officials and stewards, and on Tuesday night you will see posters around the ground about reporting any discriminatory abuse.

You can do it via the Kick It Out website here


or you report it on our free discriminatory text service here


We would like to welcome Kick It Out to Tuesday night's game.