Ray Simpson / 9th May 2019

Update on the vacant manager's role

Update on the vacant manager's role

Interviews start this weekend

Update on the vacant manager’s role


Interviews for the club’s vacant managerial position take place over the next few days, and here’s a brief summary of where we stand at the moment:

  1. We finished with 71 strong applications. The bar was high and we were delighted with the quality, so shortlisting has been tricky.
  2. We involved several highly-respected supporters in our fan base who have provided excellent insight and we are very grateful to them for assistance.
  3. We have got the original list of 71 down to a list of 11 names and are working through them to put together a first round interview of 6 to 8 candidates.
  4. There was major consensus around nearly all the 11 names from the highly-respected supporters and the board/club.
  5. We will begin interviewing over this weekend which will take two to three days to complete due to diaries etc.
  6. We have sought help and advice from other football managers in the shortlisting and we will also do this for the final stage so that we can technically assess suitability.
  7. We hope to complete the process in 7 to 10 days and then finalise terms which can take a few more days.
  8. Everyone on the shortlist is well qualified with most being UEFA 'A' or UEFA Pro level  - we have focused on this as a criteria.
  9. We are looking for someone who will devote themselves to the role full time and lives within reasonable travelling distance of the ground as this is a demanding job.


We have on the list experienced managers with knowledge of the National Leagues and above and who can point to real success.  We also have some great applicants with high technical ability and professional experience who are looking for their first major managerial role, perhaps where they have been number two at a bigger club. The board have a difficult choice, which is a great problem to have at this point. 

When the process is complete, we will make the necessary announcement via our official website.