Vote for the 2021-22 home kit -- final

By Ray Simpson

Vote for the 2021-22 home kit -- final

The final two

Here's the final of our home kit vote, which is open to DFCSG members only -- there is a link to the vote at the bottom of the article.

The final will be between the original option 1 and original option 3.

The voting was

Semi-Final 1

Option 1: 303 votes

Option 2: 34 votes


Semi-Final 2

Option 3: 276 votes

Option 4: 72 votes 


Here's the final vote:


If you are logged into your YourClub account the links below will take you directly to the vote, otherwise you'll be asked to login to YourClub, then go to Your Dashboard & click Polls to vote.


Final voting link: