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Darlington Football Club

Club policy on ejections and club bans

Darlington FC Policy on ejections and Club bans

As stated in the Club’s rules, the Club expects the highest possible standard of behaviour from its customers and supporters. The Club will not tolerate behaviour from supporters that reflects badly upon the Club’s image at home games, away games or while travelling to and from games.

No pyrotechnics are allowed in or around the stadium. Anyone caught in possession will receive a 3 season ban.

At home games, supporters may be subject to ejection from the stadium where they fail to comply with the National League (North) ground regulations and/or Club rule or to instructions by a Club steward, Club official or a Police officer. In most cases, supporters will be asked to change their behaviour where it contravenes the National League (North) ground regulations or Club’s rules; an immediate change will avoid any need for an ejection from the stadium but persistent or continued contravention will lead to an individual being ejected from the stadium. In all cases, the supporter involved must identify themselves to stewards and relinquish their season ticket/pass and/or match ticket.

In addition to ejection from the stadium, supporters will be subject to a Club ban where bad behaviour is persistent, repeated or sufficiently serious to warrant further sanction.

Examples of but not restricted, potential bans might include:
• Contravention of ticketing terms and conditions - 1 x game
• Persistent smoking or use of e-cigarettes - 1 x month
• Persistent live streaming of football action - 1 x month
• Use of foul and abusive language - 2 x month
• Persistent standing during the game in seated areas - 1 x month
• Foul and abusive language or threatening behaviour towards staff members – 1 x season
• Foul and abusive language or threatening behaviour towards other supporters – 1 x season
• Pitch incursion - 12 months
• Bringing a pyrotechnic to any fixture - 3 season ban
• Bringing alcohol into any fixture - 3 season ban

This list is not exhaustive and other misdemeanours will be dealt with on a scale relating to the seriousness of the incident. Persistent and/or repeated offences will result in subsequent Club bans being at least double the length of ban indicated above. Where incidents include criminal offences, the matter will be referred to the Police for further action. The Club reserves the right to increase or decrease any period of a Club ban on its individual merits. The Club reserves its rights to notify the Police authorities, football governing bodies or any other Club of Darlington FC Club bans that have been enforced. In line with the Club’s rules, no refund of any ticket money paid to the Club will be made during a period of a Club ban.

Darlington FC will inform any supporter that is to be banned in writing to the last known address detailed on the Club’s ticket office database or any confirmed address provided by the supporter at the time of the incident. This letter will confirm the length of the Club ban and the offence for which the ban has been imposed. It will also confirm the details for any action required at the end of the Club ban and any appeals procedure.

Appeals against a Club ban must be made in writing, to the person nominated in the banning letter within 14 days of the date on the Club banning letter. This person will normally be someone in the Club of a similar or higher management level to the person issuing the Club ban. Any such appeal must include reasons of why the ban is inappropriate and provide a day-time telephone contact. Emails will be accepted as a substitute for a letter but texts, social media, telephone calls or personal visits are not an acceptable way of submitting an appeal. The written appeal may be followed by a person-to-person meeting to discuss its contents. On appeal, the original ban imposed may be rescinded, remain unaltered, reduced or extended. The findings of the person
hearing the appeal will be final.


Any supporter who is subject to a Football Banning Order (FBO) is automatically subject to a Club ban from all stadium facilities for the period of the FBO.