Cornish: We're Really Confident About Next Season

By Chris Stockdale

Cornish: We're Really Confident About Next Season

Matty Cornish Discusses Boost The Budget, Season Highlights, and Confidence for the Future

Matty Cornish broke into his close season break to reflect our Great Escape and look ahead in an interview with Stuart Armstrong now available to watch on our YouTube channel.

Experience Abroad and Return to the UK: Matty opened up about his transformative experience playing in the United States. "Looking back on it now, it was the best experience of my life," he said, recalling his time in Florida. "The whole experience was amazing. The football standard was really good, and you were looked after really well."

Upon returning to the UK, Matty faced a challenging period with an injury while at Marske, but that opened up the opportunity to join Darlington. He credited his connection with Terry Mitchell and a desire to get back to fitness as driving factors in his move to Darlo.

Impact at Darlington and Connection with Fans: Reflecting on his debut and connection with fans, Matty shared, "The fans are great at Blackwell Meadows. I like to think I'm someone who always works as hard as I can, and I think the fans appreciate that." He fondly remembered his debut goal against Hereford, which helped him bond with the supporters from the start.

Turning Point and Confidence: When asked about a turning point in the season, Matty pointed to several key matches that boosted the team's confidence. "The game against South Shields was a bit of a confidence booster...and the Curzon Ashton away game was big because it was the first time we won two in a row."

Goals and Next Season: Matty's stunning goal against Blyth was the run away winner of Goal of the Season showcasing his skill and composure. "I don't score goals like that very often," he admitted, with a smile.

Looking ahead, Matty expressed confidence in the team's prospects for the upcoming season. "We've got the right to be confident, but we can't be complacent. The management is bringing in new faces, and we know we can beat anyone on our day."

Boost the Budget Campaign: Discussing the Boost the Budget campaign, Matty emphasised its critical role in the club's success. "It's crazy. Honestly, it's unbelievable. Without the Boost The Budget, we wouldn't be in this position. The fans are absolutely amazing for doing it."

You can make a pledge towards Boost The Budget and check the latest total by clicking here.

The full interview with Matty Cornish can be watched on our YouTube channel.