Fair Game issues list of four demands

By Ray Simpson

Fair Game issues list of four demands

Response to the FA Cup replay issue


Fair Game today issued a list of four demands for reform to our National Game on the back of the FA Cup replays debacle.

The demands follow a detailed consultation with the 34 men’s professional football clubs Fair Game represents and those that signed the letter to the Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer earlier this week.

The four demands are:

  • The Independent regulator to rule on any financial changes to ensure it protects the whole football pyramid;

  • Reform of voting structures in the game to one member one vote;

  • Ensure all fans are properly consulted on changes to football competitions; and

  • Winners of the FA Cup to get the fourth spot in the Champions’ League to re-incentivise Premier League clubs and regain respect for the competition.

The No 1 reason clubs gave for signing the letter was the lack of consultation, with 90% of clubs saying it was either important or very important in their reasoning for signing the letter. Second was maintaining the tradition of the FA Cup with 86%.

Clubs also cited the hypocrisy of the argument of the pressure on the calendar. Currently, clubs in the Premier League playing in Europe play a minimum of 50 matches, and those not in Europe 40 matches. Yet, clubs in League One and League Two play a minimum of 51 matches.

Niall Couper, CEO of Fair Game, added:

“It is clear that something went fundamentally wrong with the consultation process that has led us into this mess.

“Football is in urgent need of reform. We need a regulator with real teeth to get a grip of the governance of the game, and take control of football’s financial flow.

“Treating the FA Cup as an inconvenience, ignoring clubs in the pyramid and ignoring the wishes of fans cannot continue.

“The FA Cup is a symbol of the football pyramid and the long history and traditions of our game. It cannot continue to be devalued. The first step is an easy one: give the fourth Champions’ League spot to the winners of the FA Cup.”