LED Floodlights Upgrade

By Chris Stockdale

LED Floodlights Upgrade

Funding Support from the Premier League Stadium Improvement Fund

Darlington FC is pleased to confirm new LED floodlights will be installed at Blackwell Meadows thanks to funding from the Premier League. This project, carried out in partnership with Darlington Rugby Football Club, will address the current lighting issues that have caused disruptions in previous seasons and improve the lighting levels.

Project Details

Over previous seasons the current floodlights have become unreliable and subject to occasional temporary failure. Repairs were carried out which temporarily resolved the problems, but upon inspection the current system was certified to be at the end of its useful life.

We have successfully made a joint application with Darlington Rugby Club to the Premier League Stadium Fund to replace the current lighting with LED floodlights and have been awarded a £18k grant. The remaining cost will be funded jointly by Darlington FC and Darlington Rugby Football Club.

The new LED floodlights will ensure consistent and reliable lighting, meeting the required ground grading lux levels, improving visibility for players and fans alike. With the contractor confirmed and the works scheduled the upgrade is planned to take place in mid-July.

Thank you to the Premier League for the grant award and making this upgrade possible.