Tom Platt: Boost The Budget is unbelievable

By Chris Stockdale

Tom Platt: Boost The Budget is unbelievable

Darlington FC captain Tom Platt reflects on the past season, the Boost The Budget campaign, and shares his optimism for the upcoming season in an exclusive interview with Stuart Armstrong.

Reflecting on the challenging yet rewarding season, Tom praised the resilience and unity of the team. "It was probably the most eventful season I've ever had," he said. "Three managers, a tough start, but the last third of the season was unbelievable. It shows what a massive club this is with the fans behind us."

The Scunthorpe 4-0 home win highlighted as a pivotal moment. "To beat a side like Scunthorpe as we did, scoring some great goals and looking solid defensively, was a turning point for us," he noted.

Regarding Boost The Budget, Tom was full of admiration. "It's unbelievable. The passion and support the fans have for the club are incredible. The funds raised can bring in players who can push us forward," he said.

Looking ahead, Platt is optimistic about the upcoming season. "With the nucleus of the squad still here and some new additions, we should be looking towards the top end of the table. It's all about taking one game at a time and maintaining that positivity and confidence," he concluded.

You can pledge your support for Boost The Budget and see the latest total by clicking here. Next week we will bring you an update from the boss Steve Watson on the close season so far. Thank you for your continuing support!

The full interview with Tom Platt can be watched on our YouTube channel.