Ray Simpson / 7th October 2015

Darlo reunion to launch new book

Darlo reunion to launch new book

[caption id="attachment_13878" align="alignnone" width="300"] Sam Russell at Wembley[/caption]Would...

[caption id="attachment_13878" align="alignnone" width="300"]Sam Russell at Wembley Sam Russell at Wembley[/caption]

Would you like to roll back the years with some famous ex Darlo personalities?

The club is organising a reunion of former Darlington FC personalities to launch Ray Simpson’s new book “Darlo’s on the Up – the story of six successful Darlington promotion campaigns” on Sunday November 8th at 2pm in the Dolphin Centre.

Already, around 40 former and current players have indicated that they will be attending, with hopefully more to come. Famous names such as Craig Liddle, Gary Coatsworth, Les McJannet, Kevan Smith, John Peverell, Gary Gill, Mick Tait, David Hodgson, Neil Maddison, Craig Hignett, Andy Collett, Jim Platt, Jamie Chandler, Sam Russell, Mark Barnard, Steve Gaughan, Neil Wainwright, Phil Brumwell and Gary Brown are amongst those who have indicated that they will be coming along to meet their former teammates and fans and to chat about their time at the club.


[caption id="attachment_13877" align="alignnone" width="298"]Craig Liddle at Darlo's last game at the Arena Craig Liddle at Darlo's last game at the Arena[/caption]


“Darlo’s on the Up” (price £12) is the account of the last six successful promotion campaigns (1966, 1985, 1990, 1991, 2013, 2015) and are relived using the memories of players, fans and officials who were involved at the time, and also using contemporary match reports and interviews from the archives.


It is free admission to the event in the Dolphin Centre. Tickets are available in advance from Quaker Retail from Thursday October 15th onwards, but fans can still turn up on the day without tickets. Remember to bring a camera, a pen, and some money to buy the book (all proceeds from which are going to the club) and for the fund raising events on the day.

The reunion is the first on this scale since the Farewell to Feethams celebrations in 2003, and is one not to be missed.

If you know of any former Darlo players who would like to come and have their contact details, or if you are a former Darlo player and would love to come (we probably won't have your number) then drop us a line on commercial@dfc1883.co.uk.