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More netcafe questions and answers

More netcafe questions and answers

Ray Simpson / 12th October 2017

Here are three more questions from the netcafe that David Johnston has answered.Interested to hear w...


Here are three more questions from the netcafe that David Johnston has answered.

Interested to hear what restrictive covenants were in place with the outgoing manager and why he can poach existing players - who ‘owns’ the contracts, the club or ‘others’ - particularly the more valuable players who seem to be able to move freely....

John Vickerman


Answer: There are no restrictive covenants that prevent a manager coming after their old players as it is against the free movement of individuals in employment law. What clubs, agents and players can do is insert release clauses which are usually an indicative value of the player at the level he is playing. If the value is realised by a club, then it automatically can trigger the movement of the player if he decides to leave.

Restrictive covenants are a matter of contract law between two parties. However they are very difficult to enforce. There were no restrictions in the contract DFC had with MGFA.







This is just a question for the Netcafe. Did we receive any compensation from York for Chief Scout Harry Dunn?


-- Ben Pearson


Answer: No we did not





Can you provide an update on Mark Beck situation. In one response you say that we received significant sums from York for these players, but in another response you only refer to money received for David Ferguson.

Martyn Horn


Answer: Mark Beck will not be transferring to York. The club received money for David Ferguson when his release clause value was met by York City.

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