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Ray Simpson / 27th March 2021

Steve's Quintessential Quaker Quiz --the letter Q

Steve's Quintessential Quaker Quiz --the letter Q

All answers begin with the letter Q

All the answers begin with the same letter - in the case of someone’s name, the surname begins with the key letter. This week’s letter is ……… Q

FIRST HALF (General Knowledge)

  1. Which religious group was founded by George Fox?
  2. Who had hits with 48 Crash and The Wild One in the 70s?
  3. Which ugly character features in a Victor Hugo novel and falls in love?
  4. What is another word for a piece of marshy or boggy land?
  5. What is the capital city of Ecuador?
  6. Which 70s film featured Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash and Sting as Mods?
  7. Which city beginning with the key letter features in the phonetic alphabet?
  8. Obtained from tree bark, which substance is used as a tonic or medicine?
  9. What is the name of this oil-rich Middle Eastern country?
  10. Which brand is sold as a health food and claims it is ideal for vegetarians?
  11. What is another name for mercury?


SECOND HALF (Football)


  1. Which Football League club won the League Cup in 1967?
  2. Which ‘Franck’ used to play as a defender for Middlesbrough?
  3. At which venue in the town was a meeting held in 1883 to form Darlington Football Club?
  4. Which ‘World Cup’ record is currently held by Hakan Sukur of Turkey?
  5. Which winger played for Sheffield Wednesday, Man Utd and England in the 50s & 60s?
  6. In 2011, which Irishman stepped down as chairman of Sunderland?
  7. Which club won the first ever Scottish FA Cup?
  8. Which ex-Newcastle Utd, Coventry and Portsmouth player went on to train racehorses at Newmarket?
  1. Which British football team are nicknamed the Doonhamers?
  2. Which forename was shared by a former Quaker mascot and the Naked Civil Servant?
  3. Which Angolan made only ONE appearance for Quakers in 1995?

Answers tomorrow