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Ray Simpson / 14th September 2020

Call for help to clean Darlington

Call for help to clean Darlington

Volunteers needed for different projects

Call for help to clean Darlington

With the start of the Great British September Clean a few days ago, tens of volunteers have been doing their bit to keep the town tidy.

Our partner, Darlington Support, organised a number of litter-picking activities.  In addition, volunteers from Darlington Support helped other groups keep Darlington clean.

DFC Matchday Events Manager, Joanne Cameron, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed litter-picking in one of our local parks in Darlington over the weekend.  It is a satisfying and fulfilling experience to see the impact one makes by spending some time keeping our green spaces clean and making a positive contribution to the community.”

Darlington Support founders Kimberley Scott and George Jabbour added: “If you have not yet had the chance to do any litter-picking this month, it is not too late.  As Joanne said, it is a wonderful and pleasant activity, so if you have an hour or two and would like to join one of the upcoming events below over the next two weeks, please email volunteers@darlingtonsupport.uk

A Darlington Support volunteer

North Lodge Park: Monday 14 September at 10am

Tommy Crooks Park: Tuesday 15 September at 10am

Red Hall: Wednesday 16 September at 10am

Blackwell: Thursday 17 September at 10am

Eastbourne Park: Friday 18 September at 10am

Baydale Beck: Monday 21 September at 10am

Whinfield: Tuesday 22 September , 10am

Green Lane: Wednesday 23 September at 10am

£5 Note Bridge: Thursday 24 September at 10am

Broken Scar: Friday 25 September at 10am

Rockwell: Monday 28 September at 10am

West Park: Wednesday 30 September at 10am