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Darlington Football Club

Ray Simpson / 25th July 2016

Carol to help develop CSY policy

Carol to help develop CSY policy

As we plan our return to Darlington, long standing fan Carol Charlton is assisting the DFC board in...

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As we plan our return to Darlington, long standing fan Carol Charlton is assisting the DFC board in developing a broader community, schools and youth (CSY) policy.

Carol will be working with our Community Programme co-ordinator Andrew Alton as we strengthen our links with the local community in various ways. Andrew has already done a great job with local schools and groups in his matchday community programme over the last four years, so hopefully Carol and Andrew can build on those strong foundations.

Keep an eye on their progress on the official website!

Carol has been a supporter of the club for many years, and says; “Darlington Football Club has played a significant part in my life, for many years. Following the unfortunate events of 2012, it has been great to see how people have stepped forward, as volunteers, to ensure that Darlington still has a club to support. I would now like to offer my services to help in developing the club’s role within the community.

“I began my professional life as a community pharmacist, which led to various appointments within the NHS. I have been Chair of the Professional Executive Committee and Chair of Practice Based Commissioning in Darlington, with a position on the board of Darlington’s Primary Care Trust. More recently, I have been an advisor to County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust. I currently am a member of the Independent Monitoring Board of a prison.

“Every person that supports Darlington Football Club may have a different explanation as to why they do. However, we are all part of the same community. I would like to see that there are no barriers to becoming a Darlington FC supporter. It is important to encourage young people to follow their local team, as the future of our club will, ultimately, depend upon their support. I would like to see people of all ages enjoying match days, as many already do.

“As we start to play our home games back in Darlington, it will be a good time to promote our club to young people. There are a number of initiatives that are being considered and some things that will continue. Please let me know of any ideas you have. If you work with, or lead, a group of young people that may have an interest in finding out more about Darlington FC, I’d love to hear from you too. Of course, if you would like to help in anyway you would be very welcome to join the group of volunteers!”

Contact Carol on carol.charlton@darlingtonfc.org