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Ray Simpson / 6th April 2021

Darlo and me -- Joanne Cameron

Darlo and me -- Joanne Cameron

Profile of a Darlo fan

Paul Hodgson has been talking to Darlo fans about their passion -- here, he spoke to Joanne Cameron.

Name:  Joanne Cameron

Occupation: Auditor (DFC Match Day Events Manager / Volunteer Co-Ordinator / DFCSG Director

Number of years you’ve supported Darlington: 12 years

First match seen: Not sure it was at Feethams in the 90’s I wasn’t a football fan, I was dragged along by others who were

What was the score? n/a

Most memorable home match: I think we played Guisborough Town it was the day we won & were presented with the Northern League Trophy. The atmosphere was amazing, everyone had worked so hard, fans, volunteers, players and so on – it was a reward for all our work and dedication

What was the score? 3-0

Most Memorable away match: Whitby – again the atmosphere was amazing, tears and cheers everywhere.

What was the score? 7-1

Favourite all time manager(s) As a relative newbie to DFC I didn’t start really getting involved or pay any real attention to what was going on until our departure from the Arena at which point my best friend Andrea Reese and I arranged an abseil down the Arena and raised thousands for the club, so in terms of manager for me it’s Martin Gray and the journey he took us on.

Favourite all time players(s): It’s a hard choice as a lot are friends; I’d have to say Gary Brown & Terry Galbraith both were fab at Darlo and are friends off the pitch. I believe they also both bleed black and white. #Darlofamily

Favourite current player(s): All are great lads but given the limited number of times I’ve seen a full game this season this is a hard one so I’ll have to go with the ones I know best and always enjoy watching play and that’s Joe Wheatley & Omar Holness, closely followed by Adam Campbell (Adam would have been first had he scored a hat trick against Blyth)

Favourite Darlington ground: Don’t remember much about Feethams, Heritage Park however was brilliant. I have fond memories of HP, it’s a great ground and the staff were amazing.