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Ray Simpson / 7th April 2021

Darlo and me -- Ruth Hetherington

Darlo and me -- Ruth Hetherington

Profile of a Darlo fan

Paul Hodgson has been chatting to other Darlo fans about their passion of watching Quakers -- here, he spoke to Ruth Hetherington.

Name: Ruth Hetherington

Occupation: Housekeeper

Number of years you’ve supported Darlington: 29

First match seen: V Barnet 1992

What was the score? Won 1-0

Most memorable home match: V Hartlepool, Play-Off  Semi-Final – season 1999-2000

What was the score? Won 1-0

Most Memorable away match: Walsall, FA Cup – season 2019-20

What was the score? Drew 2-2

Favourite all time manager(s) Brian Little and David Hodgson

Favourite all time players(s): Robbie Painter, Glenn Naylor, Matt Clarke, Pawel Abbott, Craig Liddle and Ian Miller

Favourite current player(s): Will Hatfield

Favourite Darlington ground: Feethams