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Ray Simpson / 17th August 2020

Darlo through the 90s Quiz -- part 2

Darlo through the 90s Quiz -- part 2

Set by quizmaster Steve Rees

Quizmaster Steve Rees has set a four part quiz to commemorate 90s week -- and here's a few questions about the 1996 play offs -- answers below:


  1. No one was ever-present during the season, but who made the most appearances in the League with 45 games?


  1. Who finished as top League goal-scorer with 11 goals to his name?


  1. To the nearest thousand, what was the attendance for our first visit to Wembley in the Play-Off Final?


  1. Which Plymouth Argyle midfielder scored the winning goal to deny us promotion?


  1. Excluding loanees, which two players, who featured in Quakers’ League matches at some stage that season, had made appearances in the Premier League – one for Nottingham Forest and the other for Manchester City?


  1. Again excluding loanees, which five players went on to play in the Premier League, earning Quakers a lot of cash?


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  1. Andy Crosby
  2. Robbie Blake
  3. The attendance was 43, 431
  4. Ronnie Mauge
  5. Gary Bannister & John Burridge who is the oldest player to appear in the Premier League at 43 years & 163 days
  1. Matty Appleby, Robbie Blake, Sean Gregan, Mike Pollitt & Paul Robinson