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Ray Simpson / 31st March 2021

Don't forget to fill in your Census form

Don't forget to fill in your Census form

Fill it in this weekend

There has been a great response to Census 2021, but to avoid getting a knock
at the door from a field officer – get on and fill in your census this Easter
Millions of households across England and Wales have already made sure
they count when it comes to planning and provision of the key services we all
rely upon, like GP surgeries, school places and hospital beds, by filling out their
online census form.
However, it is vital everyone who hasn’t yet responded does so as soon as
possible now Census Day, March 21, has been and gone.
Field officers are already out and about and will visit households who have not
submitted their census this Easter weekend. The operation will reach its peak
next week so more officers will be knocking at doors where our records show
there has been no response.
“Census 2021 has gone brilliantly so far,” Office for National Statistics director
of operations Pete Benton said. “The overwhelming majority of people across
England and Wales have already taken part and we’ve heard some great
stories: from those completing their 10th census to those completing their first.
“But, for us to have the most accurate picture of the whole population, we need
everyone to fill in their questionnaire. By doing so you will be helping shape the
local services in your community – the bus routes, school places, the hospital
beds. You can do it easily online, but for those who want help, we have a range
of census support centres open across England and Wales, and paper forms
are available for those who need them.
“Everyone is required by law to respond to the census and if you do so now
you won’t be fined.”
The census questionnaire is simple, straightforward, and safe to complete
online. It only takes 10 minutes per person in a household.
The role of field officers is to give help and encouragement to those who have
not yet filled in their census questionnaire online or on paper after Census Day
and direct them to the support services they need.
Field staff will never need to enter people’s houses; they will always be socially
distanced, be equipped with PPE and work in line with all government
They will be operating in the same way as a postal or food delivery visit. They
also carry ID to show they are genuinely working on the census.
The census is a unique survey of all households in England and Wales. To be
truly representative, it needs everyone to be counted.
“That includes people with second homes,” Benton said. “If you’ve not been to
your caravan, holiday let or city commuter pad because of lockdown, you still
need to complete a census for all your properties – even if there’s no-one there
– so that we get an accurate picture of the entire housing stock.
“And if you’ve moved out of a home in London or another city and into a
second home in a more rural location during the pandemic, you need to
complete a census for both properties.
“All students need to be included in the census too. They should complete it for
their usual term-time address. If they’re currently living at their home address,
they will need to be included in the census for that household too.”
All households will have been sent a letter in the post in early March with
instructions for taking part. If you have lost the letter or have a second address
you have not visited, go to census.gov.uk to request an online completion code
for your address via SMS text message. You’ll find all the help you need online,
or you can visit one of our local census support centres where you can get help
to fill out your form.