Ray Simpson / 14th March 2019

Getting Shirty 2000-02

Getting Shirty 2000-02

A look back at some of our old playing kits

getting shirty 2000-02 back getting shirty 2000-02

Continuing the build up to Retro Day against Chester on Saturday, Craig Stoddart looks back at the kit between 2000-2002

One of the few Darlington kits of recent years to last more than one season, but unfortunately it was a bit bland, shall we say. 

It was unveiled one evening at a kit launch in the post-Wembley summer of 2000 with Adam Reed and Lee Nogan parading up and down a catwalk looking as embarrassed as they ought to have been. Lee Nogan - a catwalk model?

It began life with black socks, but by the second season we had reverted to the same white Xara socks worn in 1999/00.

Although it was worn the night we won at Nottingham Forest thanks to Stuart Elliott’s long-range punt in September 2000, its association with the dark days after Wembley means this kit is not fondly remembered.

Gary Bennett was in charge and the likes of Clint Marcelle (pictured), David Brightwell and Mark Angel wore it. Let’s say no more about it shall we.

Clint Marcelle