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Ray Simpson / 30th July 2020

Meet the academy lads -- David Bradley

Meet the academy lads -- David Bradley

Profiles of our new intake

The Academy is hoping to restart in September, and here's a profile of winger David Bradley.


First favourite player?

Neymar from his time Barca and from the 2014 World Cup


Current favourite player?

Leo Messi


Who has had the biggest influence on your career?

Neil Maddison and Mark Proctor at Premier Player academy


Biggest game of your career so far?

The whole cup run with New Marske all the way to the county cup final in 2019


What football ground would you most like to play at?

Blackwell Meadows 


What’s your favourite music?

Classic hip hop, biggie smalls, ice cube and Tupac etc


What’s your favourite food?

Nothing beats a good pizza in my opinion


Which countries in the world have you visited?

Holland (with Darlington) Portugal and Spain


What stadium in the world would you like to visit ?

I would like to visit Estadio Libertadores de América for a Boca Juniors and River Plate Derby primarily for the atmosphere


Who do you think is the best player amongst your team mates and why?

In my opinion my strongest team mate Is Sean Chidanyika because he is such a versatile player and and I have played with him and against him for previous seasons and at previous clubs he could play any position you asked him to which makes the team really easy to shuffle round so you can tactically change the formation to take control of the game


Who would be your best world XI?

I’ve tried to base it off players I’ve seen in my life time

GK: Iker Casillas

DEF: Philip Lahm, Carles Pulyol, Tiago Silva, Marcelo

MID: Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Neymar

ATT: Ronaldo, Agüero