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Ray Simpson / 17th June 2021

Mr Q's auction receives more four-figure bids!

Mr Q's auction receives more four-figure bids!

Huge interest in Terry Kneeshaw print

Since Mr Q announced an auction for a Terry Kneeshaw canvas last week, there has been a huge amount of interest!

Mr Q would like to thank everyone who has bid for the canvas, and he will be replying to all the bidders very soon.

After we reported that Mr Q had received an anonymous bid for £1,000, Mr Q has received two more bids, one for £1,100 and another for £1,200!

There is still time to bid for this excellent canvas, follow this link:



If you want to buy a print of the canvas regardless, you can do so here.


Terry will donate £5 to the club for each print sold -- he has already very kindly donated £400 to the club for previous sales of his prints.

We would like to thank Terry for his very kind gesture.