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Ray Simpson / 25th June 2020

Steve's half time quiz

Steve's half time quiz

Questions set by our quizmaster

Here's the half time quiz set by our quizmaster Steve Rees -- he set this one in the programme for the Guiseley game. Answers tomorrow.

  1. What do North Americans call an aubergine?
  2. From which Scottish club did Liverpool sign Alan Hansen in 1977?
  3. What were introduced by Harold McMillan in 1956 to encourage people to save?
  4. Which club finished runners-up to Man Utd in the inaugural Premier League season?
  5. Which rank of nobility comes between an Earl and a Baron?
  6. In 1970, in which country was Bobby Moore arrested, accused of stealing a bracelet?
  7. Which actor played the lead role in the 80s ITV drama The Charmer?
  8. What nationality is Jean Marc Bosman, famous for causing the ruling which has affected many footballers since?
  1. Who composed the music to the William Tell Overture?
  2. Cricket: Many Test matches have been staged at the Providence Stadium. In which

       South American country is this located?

  1. In which city was Martin Luther King assassinated in 1968?
  2. Rugby Union: What were Newcastle Falcons called before their name change in 1996?
  3. Which US state shares its name with an independent country?
  4. In which year was the first Wimbledon tournament held?
  5. Music: Which group released an album in 1969 called Ummagumma?
  6. Which comedian was the owner of 1994 Grand National winner Minniehoma?
  7. Brains is a regional brewery founded in which city?
  8. In which country was British-Australian former boxer Joe Bugner born?
  9. Which is the longest river in Mexico?
  10. Who was the first Overseas cricketer to represent Durham in the County