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Ray Simpson / 24th April 2021

Steve's Quintessential Quaker Quiz -- the letter T

Steve's Quintessential Quaker Quiz -- the letter T

More questions from our quizmaster

Here's another quiz from our quizmaster Steve Rees.

All the answers begin with the same letter - in the case of someone’s name, the surname begins with the key letter. This week’s letter is ……… T

FIRST HALF (General Knowledge)

  1. From which region of Italy does chianti originate?
  2. If Eldrick is his real name, how is this world-famous sportsman better known?
  3. What is the capital city of Estonia?
  4. Which set of twins famously fought over a rattle?
  5. What is the name of the dog in ‘The Wizard of Oz’?
  6. In which sport could you ‘shoot a turkey’?
  7. Which 80s group featured lead singer Julian Cope?
  8. As regards the Isle of Man TT, what does ‘TT’ stand for?
  9. Which cartoon character had associates named Captain Haddock & the Thompson Twins?
  10. On the Continent, this chocolate confectionery bar is called Raider, what do we call it?
  11. In which 80s film did Dustin Hoffman play the leading role – in women’s clothes?


SECOND HALF (Football)


  1. What is the other Serie A club which plays in the same city as Juventus?
  2. How many goals did Alan Shearer score for England?
  3. Which is the only League club situated on the Wirral?
  4. Which former England coach did David O’Leary replace as manager of Aston Villa in 2003?
  5. How many steps led up to the Royal Box at the old Wembley – John Buchan is a clue?
  6. From which club did Quakers sign Erico Sousa last season?
  7. With which team did Quakers draw 0 – 0 on the last day of the 1965/66 season to win

    promotion to Division Three?

  1. Which Dutch club did Steve McClaren manage to its national title in 2010?
  2. Which new rule was brought into a football game in 1883?
  3. On which team’s books did David Beckham feature as a youth player?
  4. Which former Quaker, one of our Conference-winning team, was nicknamed ‘Pixie’?