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Ray Simpson / 20th May 2021

Gavin Ellis and the season when time stood still -- part 15

Gavin Ellis and the season when time stood still -- part 15

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In the last of the series, Gavin Ellis looks back at the closing stages of last season, and the looming first lockdown.

We'd like to thank Gavin for his prose over the last few months.




It’s a Leap Year day in Darlington, we welcome Brackley Town

Let’s hope we reach half time today with being five-nil down

The game kicks off, Brackley today are playing in bright red shirts

That mauling at St James’s Park surely still hurts


The game beings, it’s nip and tuck, this Brackley side are class

Neither side is helped though by a bobbling ball on grass

With half time fast approaching Jaz Rivers is downed

Campbell slots the spot kick home to brighten up the ground

Adam Campbell scores v Brackley



Second half chance after chance, the Brackley goal we pound

An elusive goal to seal the win just cannot be found

When Brackley Town fetch on a sub you know he’s going to score

The first shot that he has at goal secures a one-one draw




I travel to the new Bucks Head as a loyal Darlo fan

With people dying daily in the clinics of Milan

A United Kingdom lock-down supposed on the way

All the Darlo fans can do is wait and hope and pray


Will Hatfield scores a cracking goal to put us in the lead

Then Dinanga Pegs us back again, oh no – just what we need

That’s four he’s scored past us this term, he’s starting to annoy

The Darlington defenders seem to be his favourite toy


Adam Campbell scores again, we’re now two-one ahead

We finally have broke our jinx, a win at the New Bucks Head

Gavin Cowan praises us and said we were imposing

Not that his comments matter now with everything soon closing






Farsley Celtic come to town, the nation’s on the brink

Today’s results irrelevant, will we swim or sink

Goalkeeper Chris Elliott will learn that life is cruel

His several glaring errors lead to no contract renewal