Ray Simpson / 29th May 2020

Three days to go!

Three days to go!

Sunday night deadline for Boost the Budget

The deadline to contribute to Boost the Budget is fast approaching -- the deadline is midnight on Sunday.

Already, a fantastic amount of £108k has been raised (as of lunchtime Thursday 28th) and it would be great to hit £120k by the deadline.

Manager Alun Armstrong said in his netcafe on Thursday that the support has been "phenomenal"


What do you make of Darlington fans raising over £100,000 in Boost the Budget for the second successive year?

In one word Phenomenal!!!!  I’ll be honest -- we were really worried this year especially with the COVID-19 pandemic but you lot have blown me away with how much you have raised. It makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck when I think about it but then realise it’s my job to spend it wisely which brings its own pressure but you can be assured you’ll get value for money and hopefully a few surprises. Please continue to contribute over the next few days until BTB closes on Sunday, because the more that is contributed, the stronger we can be.



DJ was full of praise for the fans in his Zoom interview earlier in the week:



So, as it's payday today for some, why not contribute to Boost the Budget for season 2020-21? It can be any figure, large or small.

Here's the link to our fundraising platform:




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