Ray Simpson / 31st March 2020

Virtual Ticket scheme continues for Saturday's away game at Kettering

Virtual Ticket scheme continues for Saturday's away game at Kettering

Pay the price of a game!

Virtual Ticket Scheme

Darlington FC Supporters Group, the owners of Darlington FC who represent all fan owners, have been looking at novel ways in which you can keep engaged with the Club, and at the same time provide financial assistance where possible during these challenging times.

It’s estimated the Club will either lose out on or substantially defer around £20,000 worth of profits as a result of the suspension of all football matches. Recent communications from the Club have underlined that whilst the cashflow situation is being managed your support in helping commitments to be met would be thoroughly appreciated.

The first initiative we’d like to pitch to our owners and supporters is the ‘Virtual Ticket’ fundraising scheme.

Essentially, we’re asking fans to donate the price of the ticket for each match they would have attended during the period the season has been suspended. Exiles will be able to participate in respect of the away matches they might have attended. We’re also asking season ticket holders to get involved because even with the very earliest resumption of 2nd May, at a minimum, this will add another month of players’ salaries to the payroll. This scenario was never budgeted for as player contracts are usually complete for the season by this date and therefore their wages too. Along with the rest of football at all levels we are seeing something that is totally unprecedented.

We fully appreciate that a significant proportion of the Club’s fan base will have been massively hit financially by the ‘social distancing’ guidance needed to help defeat the Coronavirus and our thoughts go out to you. Therefore, it is down to the rest us to ensure that Darlington Football Club is in fine fettle for when you get back on your feet.

So, if you had intended coming to the away game at Kettering we would be grateful if you would visit our donations page at:


As a guide, the price of a matchday ticket at Blackwell Meadows for adults is £14 and £10 for concessions (Seniors/Students/Forces/Young Adults/Disabled) £10.00. However, all donations great or small will ease the pressure on the Directors running the Club on the owners’ behalf.

DFCSG alongside DFC are busy looking into other unique ways in which we can keep creating content to keep you engaged during a time with no football being played – we’ll never monetise this specific content but if you enjoy it please consider making a donation if you are able to do so. Stay tuned for further details.

As a group of fans we’re overcome substantial hurdles since 2012 and whilst this current hurdle is much further reaching than the football community we’re sure that once again you’ll do what you do best and support your Club.

Thank you for your continued support.

*within 48 hours of the launch, the figure raised went past the £3000 mark -- many thanks to everyone who contributed.


The Board of Darlington FC Supporters Group