Club statement: DJ and Alun

By Ray Simpson

Club statement: DJ and Alun

In the wake of the Brackley defeat

The club would like to make the following statement in the light of Saturday’s defeat at Brackley.


Chief operating officer David Johnston said; “In Saturday’s away game at Brackley, there were two incidents involving our management team, Alun Armstrong and Darren Holloway, which saw them both sent to the dressing room by the referee before the end of the game.  “I have now had the opportunity to discuss the match with Alun and Darren at length. Everyone is feeling the pressure at the moment in different ways, but I have reinforced the standards of conduct we expect from our team and staff in very clear terms.  That matter is now closed. 

“We also discussed the on field performance, as we do each week. Given our finite resources coupled with player movements, this season was always going to be tough, but we remain optimistic that we can reach a playoff position.

“Emotions and expectations have been high after a brilliant first half of the year, but this is a marathon not a sprint and we just need to cross the line now ahead of other teams who are also battling hard for survival as well as play-off places. 

“I will make it clear here, that we as a board are fully behind Alun as the right man to achieve the success we desire. I know as supporters of this great club that you will do the same, so let’s focus on the next three games and cheer our team on. Now is not the time to undermine those efforts and I urge all of our fans to get behind the team, as the vast majority always do, and support us fully in the final three matches of the season, starting tomorrow night at Blackwell.

“Being divided is not going to win any matches, so let's again unite to drive our fan-owned club forward.”

Alun commented : "Emotions are running high in the final games this season, and Daz and I are as committed as the supporters to gaining the points we need to secure a play off spot. We realise that our behaviour in the spur of the moment on Saturday was below the standard expected and we would sincerely apologise to everyone for that.  We would also like to apologise to the match officials for our conduct and we will write to the officials concerned.  

“We now want to focus on gaining as many points as possible from our remaining matches this season, starting with the home game against Curzon Ashton tomorrow night. It may not be obvious, but in the dressing room the players are very grateful for your support and every voice counts in cheering us on and makes a real difference.

“If we can get a lift from a noisy and supportive Blackwell, it is a big boost and encourages them to give their all.  Please therefore get behind the team and give the players all your support. 

“Despite recent results, the play offs are still in our own hands with three games to go.”