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Darlington Football Club

Ray Simpson / 24th November 2021

Reminder about behaviour at Darlington FC matches

Reminder about behaviour at Darlington FC matches

Gloucester incident under investigation

Following an incident involving one of our supporters at the Gloucester game last Saturday which is under investigation, we would like to remind our fans to be on their best behaviour at all times while they're attending games at Blackwell Meadows.

While the vast majority of our fans are well-behaved, there was an incident on Saturday  which could lead to sanction by the football authorities such as fines, points deductions or ground closures.

Here are the League's ground regulations:


Here's a reminder of our policy on ejections and club bans:



We would urge anyone who witnesses behaviour that contravenes the ground regulations to pass on the details in confidence, to dave.watson@darlingtonfc.org.